Sunday, 9 November 2014

Motherhood lessons: Year 1

I've been meaning to write this for a long time, but I just didn't know how to start; where to begin. Classic case of writer's block. And then there was this status on the Facebook page of a blog (Confessions of a Muslim MOMmaholic), asking readers what was the greatest kindness someone had ever shown them (in terms of mommyhood) - or something to that effect.

And finally, at long last, this post happened.

1. It will be challenging. Like, pulling your hair out kind of difficult, on some days. But then they'll flash you that million dollar smile and you'll think, what was I on about?

2. Judging and being judged. Don't judge other parents, and if others judge you, that's their problem. Never before did I realize the importance of judgementalism. I have always been a very opinionated person, and when I saw something I didn't agree with, it was immediately wrong, in my eyes.
Now, of course, I know better (I think). If I see something I disagree with, especially in terms of parenting practices, I remind myself that only the parent knows what works for their child. And God knows parents need the benefit of the doubt more than the accusing finger!

3. Nappy rash. DO use a nappy rash prevention cream. We used Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream (I'm not getting paid for this, I swear!). Alhumdulillah our baby hardly ever suffered from nappy rash. On the rare occasions that it did happen, Sudocrem was a lifesaver.

4. Disposable changing pads. Need I say more?

5. Disposable bibs. I got this tip off the internet (no idea which website, sorry). Someone had said in a forum that once baby was on solids, she started using disposable bibs outside the home. This way she didn't have to cart around dirty rags with food on them. I agree 100% - there is more than enough laundry to do without adding 'foodified' bibs to the mix.

6. Laundry. Speaking of which - every day will be laundry day. You will never be able to conquer the laundry monster. I still forge ahead valiantly, hoping that surely the day will arrive when all the dirty clothes are washed,dried, and (gasp!) put away; but so far, washing and drying are about as far as I have gotten. But I do not lose hope.

7. Baby clothes. The amount of clothes babies need is directly proportional to the speed with which they will outgrow them.

8. Dirty dishes. There will always be millions of them. Do them if you can, and don't if you can't. Just don't stress over it. Its not worth it. Instead, thank Allah (SWT) - that everyone is well fed, alhumdulillah. (And then go take a nap, or whatever.)

The list goes on..and on...and on. The list, the advice, it never ends - much like the wonders of motherhood.

These are about all the things I can remember at the moment. What have I missed out? Let me know your Motherhood Lessons in the comments section!

P.s. That awesome blog I mentioned (total hero worship going on here, by the way!) - here's the link:

(Edited to add: this post was also published on Muslim Moms USA Blog)